- December 2, 2015

10 Amazing Austin Meals For Under $10: Central Austin Edition

If you live or work in central Austin, you have countless restaurants within a short drive. There are so many options for an inexpensive meal right around you, there’s no need to hit up another part of town. Try one of these central Austin meals that’ll make your wallet and tummy happy.

10.) Reuben at NeWorlDeli

Reuben sandwich

When a deli is super proud of their reuben sandwich, you probably need to give that place a try. NeWorlDeli puts their reuben front and center, but there are plenty of other great options if Russian dressing and sauerkraut isn’t your style. They’re located right across the street from the main entrance to Austin State Hospital and a few doors down from Vino Vino.

9.) Latino Tacos at The Hot Box Diner


When a restaurant advertises itself as a place for wings and Latin cuisine, that stops you in your tracks. How can they possibly do both things well? See for yourself at The Hot Box Diner. This food truck sits on Stark street between McCallum High School and North Lamar Boulevard. The Latino tacos have plum tea pork, queso fresco, red onion and cilantro.

8.) Hippie Burger at Kerbey Lane Cafe

hippie burger

Kerbey Lane Cafe is an Austin institution. They have several location around town, and two of them are in central Austin. The original location is in a converted house on the actual Kerbey Lane, and the other is on The Drag across from the University of Texas. If you want to immerse yourself in the old hippie subculture, take your tastebuds on a journey with the hippie burger. It has a veggie patty, mozzarella, and avocado. Make your meal complete with some Kerbey Queso.

7.) Pizza Roll Deal at Austin’s Pizza

pizza roll

If you’re looking for a filling lunch on the cheap, Austin’s Pizza has a deal for you. Their $5.99 pizza roll deal gives you four pizza rolls and a soft drink. They have four varieties of pizza roll to choose from, so you’re bound to find at least one that fits your mood. This deal is only available for weekday lunches, so make sure you bring your office buddies or a few classmates.

6.) Pepe’s Pescado Taco Plate at Taco Shack

Pepe's Pescado from Taco Shack

When you see fish tacos on a menu, you probably think California. But fish tacos are still awesome! While Taco Shack has plenty of taco options to keep you coming back week after week, make sure you give Pepe’s Pescado Taco Plate at try. The tacos have grilled catfish on corn tortillas with cilantro-cabbage slaw and jalapeno ranch dressing.

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5.) Lunch Specials at Snow Pea

Snow Pea lunch special

Snow Pea is a great little Chinese restaurant tucked away behind the shopping center at 35th and Jefferson in another shopping center. You’ve probably never driven by it, but you need to. Their lunch specials are nicely priced and offer you tons of entree choices. And they give you enough food to completely nullify the old adage about being hungry again just an hour after eating Chinese food. They also have a Cedar Park location, if that’s more convenient for you.

4.) Chicken Burrito Plate at El Caribe Mexican Restaurant

<I>Photo: <a href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/jeffreyww/15290390856/in/photolist-piafuy-cM4avq-hcMGoz-fA82dA-dfjucm-cWZByq-eecRvY-eXNRqm-d9ZftN-6aus8j-cM5XKj-6aus8m-9Zb9yb-bcPbF4-bcP9Sn-bcP8CT-bcP4EX-9Zb9oh-9Z8eGB-9Z8eVZ-74y9DN-dKdZux-r19DJV-r19DgF-9Sto2F-hY31b-nkpiEJ-bcP7Hi-bcPan6-bcPbhg-bcP6px-bcP2wi-bcP3og-bcP5Yn-bcP3Ne-bcP7h4-63hBGf-bcP93t-bcP9sK-bcP28H-bcP556-bcP5x2-bcPaPz-bcP8c8-bcP4hp-bcP6QP-bcP2Wr-pnuDyz-daoKTE-aj131P" target="_blank">Flickr user jeffreyw</a>, creative commons licensed.</I>

Photo: Flickr user jeffreyw, creative commons licensed.

Who doesn’t love Mexican food? No, we’re not talking about Taco Bell. We’re talking about real food, made by people who cook it from scratch. Head over to El Caribe Mexican Restaurant for some tasty Tex-Mex and a few authentic, interior Mexican dishes. Try their chicken burrito plate with tomatillo sauce. Or anything else … it’s all good!

3.) Italian Sausage Sub at Delaware Sub Shop

Italian Sausage sub from Delaware Sub Shop

Delaware Sub Shop is an Austin original serving up great deli sandwiches. For a special treat, they serve their Italian sausage sub only on Fridays. How about knocking off work early to eat one of these monsters?

2.) Apple Pork Sandwich at FoodHeads Cafe

apple pork sandwich at Foodheads

Is it a catering business with a cafe or a cafe with a catering business? Who knows, but you need to go to FoodHeads Cafe for lunch. The apple pork sandwich has grilled pork tenderloin on toasted ciabatta with smoked Gouda cheese, fresh spinach, spicy apple & tomato pico and honey dijon aioli.

1.) Unique Taco Combinations at Fork & Taco

peace and love tacos from Fork and Taco

Tacos are tacos, even if they’re trying to be fancy. Fork & Taco puts their own twist on the dish with an interesting combination of ingredients. Just the names of the tacos are tempting, like chile-dusted chicken, redfish tempura, and roasted cauliflower — just to name a few. A couple selections from this menu will fill you up without breaking the bank!

Feature photo: Courtesy, FoodHeads Cafe on Facebook.