- August 3, 2010

Texas Memorial Museum


This morning, my friend Kim and I took our kids to the Texas Memorial Museum.  As part of UT’s Texas Natural Science Center, this four story (air conditioned!) building presents exhibits based on research conducted at the Center’s Vertebrate Paleontology Laboratory, Non-vertebrate Paleontology Laboratory, and Texas Natural History Collections.

Here is what you will find on each of its four floors:

Our kids had a wonderful time exploring each of the interactive exhibits.  The museum was not crowded at all.  There are only two things you may need to think about before heading over there:  strollers and parking. If you are planning to take a stroller, here is what you will run into when you arrive.

The only way to avoid those steps is to enter using the Handicap Accessible Entrance, which is around the building, to the left of these stairs.  This entrance takes you into the basement, rather than the Great Hall.  Once inside the building, you can use the elevator to visit the different floors.

As for parking, it’s tricky because the museum is on the UT campus and most street parking requires a permit.  I recommend parking in the San Jacinto Garage, adjacent to the museum. There are automated machines located near the garage exit that will accept your payment.  For more information on parking, go here.

Texas Memorial Museum
2400 Trinity Street
Austin, Texas