- July 2, 2015

10 Austin-Made Craft Beers You’ve Got To Try

Craft beer is all the rage, and Austin is lucky to have more than a few options. We’ve had a mild summer so far, but locals know that a sustained blast of Satan’s breath is just a week or two away. Keeping cool is a priority, which makes some ice cold Austin beers almost mandatory. Besides: Everyone knows you get bonus points for supporting local businesses!

The explosion of craft breweries in Austin means there’s no shortage of options when it comes to liquified, fermented grains. Whether you’re spending the day at your favorite swimming hole or keeping cool at the BBQ, there’s a local brew for you.

Most of the libations on this list hover around 5% ABV, because drinking all day in the sun requires some restraint. Also, because glass is a big no-no by the pool, all of our selections come in a can. If you want to stock your cooler right, you can’t go wrong with one or more of these.

Austin Beerworks: Pearl Snap Pilsner

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This is the “Official Beer of Austin” according to some, and those snappy green cans are always stylish. The Austin Beerworks website is a lot of fun too!

Hops and Grain: Alt-eration Altbier


Altbier may mean “old beer” in German, but there’s nothing stodgy about this award winning brew. Not only do they make delicious beer, but Hops and Grain is committed to sustainability, even making dog biscuits out of their leftovers. Everybody gets a treat!

South Austin Brewery: Kol’Beer

This kölsch style beer goes down easy and comes in a 16 oz can, which means fewer trips to the cooler, although you might need to improvise a longer koozie.

Oasis Texas Brewing Company: Slow Ride American Pale Ale


The moontower on the can says it all–this is the beer for when you’re in the mood to embark on a classic Austin adventure. But please, don’t drink and climb!

Independence Brewing Company: Power and Light American Pale Ale


This beer’s name is an homage to the Seaholm Power Plant, and while it may have gone dark ages ago, you can get lit with a few of these and reminisce about the good old days.

Uncle Billy’s Brewery: The Green Room India Pale Ale


Here’s a tall boy for all the hop heads. Clocking in at 6% ABV means you should sip instead of guzzle, but it’s so smooth nobody will blame you if you get a little carried away and doze off in the lounger.

Twisted X Brewing Company: Twisted X Premium Lager


This self-proclaimed Tex Mex Beer™ can be enjoyed with any cuisine, but it would be a shame to get your taco fix without it. The Dripping Springs brewery also donates a percentage of their sales to organizations that help Texas rivers, so you can support the river while floating your cooler in it.

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Infamous Brewing Company: Hijack Cream Ale


When you hear “cream ale” it’s hard not to think of dessert, but the only thing sweet about this delightful sipper is how easily it could take over your fridge.

Real Ale Brewing Company: 18th Anniversary Gose

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Gose is a sour style beer brewed with salty water, and this particular version is a special seasonal from the folks down in Blanco, so get ‘em while they last! At only 4.4% ABV, you can knock em back all day and still be coherent enough to order that margarita with dinner.

Austin Eastciders: Original Dry Cider

Cider isn’t just for winter, folks! Besides, not everybody is into beer, and they deserve to indulge in a fizzy alcoholic beverage while tubing just as much as you.

Featured photo: Flickr user David Mah, creative commons licensed.