- July 25, 2014

10 Things Tinder Profile Pics Say About Austin Men

Austin is a strange cultural oasis, in the middle of Texas of all places, that attracts people from all over. Needless to say, we got a nice brew of dudes here.

I’m a single gal in Austin and like my fellow Austin.com contributor Jon, who recently wrote about Austin women, I too have turned to the mobile dating app Tinder to meet more people.  After swiping left and right on my mobile device about 200 times, I began to notice patterns in their fashion preferences and lifestyle choices.

This article is an attempt to list those patterns in order of prevalence. My evidence is based solely on profile pictures, not some scientific survey.

10.) Austin Men Like To Climb Mountains


Photo: Flickr user Andrew Hyde, creative commons licensed.

About 30 percent of the Austin profile pictures I viewed were of some hunky bros scaling the side of a rock or on top of a peak, boasting some freshly accomplished feat with a flag or a smile. Wonder if he’ll climb a mountain for me? Sigh.

9.) Austin Men Like To Cowboy Up


Photo: Flickr user Thomas8047, creative commons licensed.

I don’t think these guys are real cowboys, they just like to dress like ‘em. I should probably message one, ask him how a ranch hand uses a rubber band, and if he is clueless, I’ll explain. Then I’ll ask if I can demonstrate… On him.

8.) Austin Men Love Puppies

Photo: Flickr user ms.akr, creative commons licensed.

Photo: Flickr user ms.akr, creative commons licensed.

Any man who likes to cuddle and hug a puppy or dog can have my number. You can call me in the day time, you can call me in the night time… Or you can come over right now! Wait, I changed my mind. Let’s have coffee first? I’ll bring my dog, she’s an excellent judge of character. If she barks at you, we can’t hang out.

7.) Austin Men Have Been In Their Fair Share of Weddings


Photo: Flickr user ^ Missi ^, creative commons licensed.

Nearly half of the profile pictures I came across depicted Austin men in dapper suits or tuxedos, obviously participants in a wedding ceremony. I wonder if he was the best man? Could he be my best man?

6.) Austin Men Love Wearing Shades


Photo: Flickr user Rowan Gillette- Fussell, creative commons licensed.

If Tinder is to be believed, over half of Austin’s single men prefer to take selfies with their shades on, usually in a car or a bar. Occasionally you’ll find a shade selfie that was taken outdoors, with the subject looking far off into the distance, pensively, like some Hunter S. Thompson wannabe. I can’t see your eyes! Are you hiding something? How am I supposed to read your soul if you cover the windows?

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