- July 23, 2014

10 Gifs To Describe Eating ‘The Democrat’ At Torchy’s Tacos

Around Austin, Torchy’s Tacos is not just a restaurant with some tasty eats. It is a temple to hangover repair, a mecca for marinated meats, and a shrine raised in honor of whatever deity it is that makes things like this so damn delicious.

But one taco on Torchy’s regular menu (there’s a secret menu, too) stands head and shoulders above the rest: The Democrat, a mound of lovingly seasoned barbacoa beef, topped with cilantro, diced onions, an avacado wedge, queso fresco, lime juice and a dollop of tomatilla salsa, wrapped in a freshly made corn tortilla. It’s not spicy, it’s not experimental, it’s just amazing.

The Democrat the kind of foodstuff that foreigners (aka, those not from Austin) salivate over in their dreams if they’re lucky enough to have tried one. “That’s the best thing I have, uh, maybe ever tasted,” an Arazonian once said to my face. “I NEED to get to Torchy’s ASAP so I can order two of them,” a friendly Dallasite once told me, before Torchy’s opened storefronts up there as well.

However, the best way to describe this meal — and it is a whole meal in a single taco, don’t kid yourself — is not with words, but in GIFs. So, here goes nothing…

10.) When you walk in to Torchy’s for the first time, the smell will have you all like…


The smell of Torchy’s Tacos is strong enough to get even the worst drunk out of bed.