- June 12, 2012

Zoo Keeper Exotic Pets


A quick trip to the pet store brightens the day of just about any kid- especially if there is a chance to hold one or two of the animals.  So where should you go when you want to cheer up your child up on their way to the dentist this summer?  Here’s what we’ve found about of of Austin’s best pet stores for browsing.

Zoo Keeper Exotic Pets is not a typical dog, bird, and hamster pet store, but it is the perfect place for a child who loves creepy-crawlies.  It’s filled to the brim with exotic bugs and animals (being sold as both pets and pet food).

The front of the store has two glass viewing areas for the larger animals.   Further in, one wall is covered from floor to ceiling with aquarium tanks, with a different kind of animal in each container.  In the back of the store there is a small area with bunnies and guinea pigs that children can pet (with adult supervision).  Behind the cash register area there are holding containers for lots of varieties of live pet food.  It’s interesting just to stand nearby and listen and watch to see what people order.

Pet stores, of course, have a shifting inventory, but there’s a good chance you will be able to see:

  • a sloth (her name is Sophia)
  • hedgehogs (my personal favorite)
  • huge snakes (including a 900 pound python!)
  • ferrets
  • iguanas
  • black, shiny scorpions that turn turquoise in black light
  • colorful frogs
  • tarantulas (even a big bird-eating spider!)

Zoo Keeper Exotic Pets
9012 Research Blvd, Austin, TX
(512) 453-8800

What Austin pet stores do your kids like to visit?

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