- January 19, 2018

Kids Can Learn Trust, Empathy, And Cooperation At Zach Theatre’s ‘Las Adventuras de Enoughie’ — And You Can Win Tickets, Too!


Going to the theater can be a truly amazing experience for children, tickling their imaginations and inspiring their creativity. Occasionally, though, a theater production can do those wonderful things and so much more. Zach Theatre’s Las Adventuras de Enoughie is one such production that not only showcases the arts, but also addresses social and self issues to help children learn and grow.

We’re also giving away two tickets to the show, so make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of this post for your chances to win!

From Las Adventuras de Enoughie’s official description:

Enoughie uses his magical antennae to help them resolve their disagreement and learn to empathize, trust, work together, and believe in themselves. Easily understood in English and Spanish, this bilingual puppet production will be presented in collaboration with ZACH Theatre, Teatro Vivo, Glass Half Full Theatre, and The Kindness Campaign.

We got to check out an early showing of the play and my daughter enjoyed the animation of the characters, with many parts that made her laugh. This show is mainly suited for children ages five to nine and touches on important social issues such as racial identity, immigration, and friendships. Through puppets Esmeralda, Hector, and Enoughie, children can learn how to respond appropriately to certain situations, gain confidence and trust in others, and develop friendships through cooperation and encouragement. The feelings exhibited in the show range from anger and sadness to fear, joy, and happiness.

Because the puppets flow between English and Spanish, it gives this production a much livelier and more diverse flair. Parents can expect to walk away with a greater understanding of issues that may affect children and their peers and how they can communicate through those emotions with confidence.

All performances of this special show will be at the Mexican American Culture Center. The show starts on January 19 and runs through February 23. The opening night is the only Friday night show (at 7 p.m.), with all other performances on Saturdays and Sundays at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.  

For our friends whose needs are a little different, there is also a sign interpreted, open captioned, and sensory friendly performance on Saturday, January 27.

Don’t miss your chance to learn and laugh with your child and Enoughie and his friends!

Las Adventuras De Enoughie