- December 20, 2018

Your Guide to Choosing a Top Lawyer in Austin


Your Guide to Choosing a Top Lawyer in Austin

If you are seeking an Austin attorney to represent you in court or help you navigate a complex legal process, the search can be daunting. Lawyers are a dime a dozen, and not all of them are good at their jobs. It is important to find a trustworthy and reliable lawyer to help walk you through legal processes and represent you in court. Our short list of attorney selection criteria and top Austin law firms can help you find the right attorney for your case.

Qualifications and Qualities Your Lawyer Should Have

When searching for attorneys in Austin TX, you should make sure you appropriately vet candidates. This includes everything from confirming that someone is indeed a licensed lawyer to determining how successful they are at handling cases like yours in court. You should look for the following qualifications and qualities in an Austin attorney that you are considering:

  • Member of the state bar association.
  • Years of experience practicing law.
  • Direct experience in cases like yours.
  • Special skills or certifications.
  • Positive reviews or recommendations online.

Austin law firms may have accolades or reviews listed on their websites for you to peruse. If you are considering a particular lawyer or firm, you should browse their website to see what information is available. You may be able to receive answers to your questions, such as their trial success rate, through the website.

Questions You Should Ask a Lawyer

If you are hunting for an Austin attorney, you want to make sure you select the right one. The legal field is flooded with options, which means it can be difficult to make an informed decision about an attorney. To ensure that you make an informed decision about your situation, you should prepare a series of questions to ask any Austin law firm you contact. The exact questions you ask may vary depending on your knowledge of the legal process and your needs. However, generally you should ask the following questions:

  1. How long have you practiced law?
  2. How much experience do you have in this particular field?
  3. How often do you take on cases like mine and what is your track record for such cases?
  4. What degrees or certifications do you have to practice law?
  5. How do you structure your attorney’s fees, and what should I expect to pay?
  6. What are the best steps to solve the particular issue I am facing?
  7. Do you have references available from previous clients?
  8. Who will be handling the majority of my case work?
  9. Do you maintain open communication throughout the process?
  10. What is the most likely outcome of my case?


NOTE: A majority of legal firms will offer you a free initial consultation to determine if there is a good fit. If you want to confirm whether you should retain a lawyer’s services, a free consultation could help inform your decision.

How to Find a Lawyer Near You in Austin

Finding an Austin lawyer can be a challenge. There are hundreds of options and numerous avenues for you to find a lawyer, which means the difficulty lies primarily in figuring out how to sort through the choices to determine who is best for you. The sheer volume of options can be daunting.

Our list below identifies some of the top Austin law firms and what areas they specialize in. Listings include a particular firm or attorney’s area of specialization, location and contact information. If you are trying to find a lawyer, you can begin by browsing the selection of top candidates below.