- October 6, 2016

You Can Officially Register To Vote At ThunderCloud Subs!

The recent presidential debates and upcoming election might have you shaking your head, but there are still plenty of positive reasons to remain politically engaged and mark up a ballot on November 8.

Unfortunately, many folks forget until too late that they can only vote after being officially registered in their county of residence — and the last day to get that done before the November election is October 11.

Between 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. that day, all of ThunderCloud Subs’ shops throughout Travis County will help patrons exercise their rights to political freedom by becoming a temporary-but-legitimate voter registration site.

That means you can get two super important things taken care of in one place: you can devour that mouthwatering sub sandwich you’ve been craving for weeks and be a good citizen by getting everything squared away for you to vote.

Last year, you might remember that the Travis County Tax Office recognized ThunderCloud along with 15 other local groups “for their contributions to voter registration efforts” at their Celebration of Democracy event. That’s no wonder, since ThunderCloud has been arranging hosting registrations for more than 20 years running. They were doing it before the taco trucks got in on the game!

“We’re proud to partner with the Travis County Tax Office to encourage voter registration again this year,” said ThunderCloud’s COO, Patty Sughrue, in a press release on the business’ website. “Voting is one of our most important rights as American citizens, and registering voters at our stores is one of the ways we support our community.”

As you probably know, ThunderCloud is quite serious about that last part. Through their annual Turkey Trots, they’ve donated millions of dollars to Caritas of Austin, a local charity that empowers the working poor, and this year’s Trot on November 24 is expected to be the biggest yet! Find out more information here.

Not sure whether or not you’re registered to vote? Texas makes it easy. Just head on over to the Secretary of State’s web form and fill in your details to check your voter status. And while you’re at it, go ahead and brush up on all of your voter’s registration knowledge by visiting the Travis County Tax Office’s website.



Featured photo: Flickr user Steven Depolo, CC licensed