- April 22, 2016

With Food This Good You Won't Believe Eureka! Is Actually A Bar

Austin’s ever-expanding burger scene apparently knows no bounds. Those that have beckoned a name for themselves elsewhere are flocking to Austin because they want to be part of what we have. Rightfully so; our diverse community always clamors for new and different dining experiences. Enter Eureka!, one of the latest hotspots to open up on 6th Street.

The space was inviting; a cool, modern but rustic. High top, and regular tables filled the dining room near the bar, as well as a really nice oval bar with several taps and ample flat screens, if you wanna catch a game. I really liked the space, it was leaps and bounds better than the bar that previously occupied the same space.


Cocktails came in large doses, as the drink menu dashes in some old favorites along with some new school mixes. My partner, Courtney, was inclined to go with her standby, a straight-up Old Fashioned. I went with a Hemingway, which was nice modern take on a Paloma or Greyhound. Eureka had a very liquor-centric vibe. The bar was stocked well with bottles far and wide, and they also had a really nice whiskey/bourbon/scotch shelf towards the back.



The apps were the first to come out. We were graced with lobster tacos and Brussels sprouts. The sprouts were the crown jewel of the appetizers — fried and tossed in herb oil and macadamia nuts. A little sweeter than I’m used to, but really tasty nonetheless. The Lobster tacos were fresh and comprised of cabbage, knuckle crab meat, avocado, and saffron crema. Clean, simple and delicious.