- September 30, 2015

Giveaway: Winnie the Pooh at ZACH Theatre


ZACH Theatre’s fun new musical adaptation of the classic children’s story Winnie the Pooh is sure to be a family favorite. The show follows A.A. Milne’s beloved characters, Pooh, Eeyore, Piglet, and Rabbit, on a new adventure.

Winnie the Pooh at Zach Theatre

Directed by Nat Miller, ZACH Theatre’s Winnie the Pooh doesn’t begin as a traditional play, but immediately pulls the audience into the backstage fun. In this non-traditional telling of the adventures of the little stuffed bear, the show opens not on the characters in the story, but on theatre staff who are planning a production. Audience members are told that they have arrived too early and that the show isn’t ready yet.

Winnie the Pooh at Zach Theatre

Fortunately for everyone, the staff finds a copy of the book Winnie the Pooh laying on the stage and agree to act out the show so that the audience isn’t disappointed. The whole audience is brought into the show as the staff members attempt to determine which characters to play and begin finding the costume pieces to transform themselves. This novel adaptation allows the audience to suspend belief and see a multitude of characters played by a few actors with simple costumes. It also creates lots of opportunities for audience interaction and laughs.

Winnie the Pooh at Zach Theatre

The play is best suited for children ages 3 and up, but like all ZACH productions, children and adults alike will find themselves giggling and humming along with the show. The cast includes Will Cleaveland as Pooh, Sarah Burke as Piglet, Baby Roo, and Owl, J. Quinton Johnson as Christopher Robin and Rabbit, and Russel Taylor as Eeyore and Kanga.

Winnie the Pooh at Zach Theatre

View and download the enrichment guide that accompanies the show here.

Winnie the Pooh will be playing through December 12, 2015 on the Kleberg Stage of ZACH Theatre. The next two performances will be on Thursday, October 1 at noon and Thursday, October 8 at 10 a.m. An autism and sensory-friendly performance is scheduled for October 31 at 11 a.m. Winnie the Pooh is recommended for ages 3 and up. Tickets are $15 for children and $20 for adults. Tickets are on sale now!

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