- June 6, 2012

Where Are All the Duck Ponds?


Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 2.51.11 PMWe put a call out on our Facebook page awhile back to find out where our readers like to go feed the ducks. You guys really came through with some great locations, so thank you! If we did not include your suggestion, it’s only because I couldn’t find any details online. If we missed a good location, let us know and we’ll add it in!


  • Lady Bird Lake — Head over to Lou Neff Point on this popular hike and bike trail for some excellent views and an opportunity to feed some ducks. Check out a cool interactive map of the trail here to plan your hike.
  • Central Market Lamar — Maybe I just haven’t been paying attention, but I never noticed that there were ducks in the pond behind the Central Market playground. I’ll definitely have to check that out next time we go. (4001 N Lamar Blvd)
  • Arboretum — A nice little almost hidden duck pond, the Arboretum pond can be reached either by parking on Arboretum Blvd or by taking the little trail that leads from the area with the fountain and cow statues. The trail begins past the office buildings. The pond is a great little place to take a lunch break and share with the ducks. (10000 Research Blvd)
  • Mozart’s Coffee Roasters — According to one reader, the deck behind Mozart’s is a lovely place to grab a coffee and feed the fish and turtles. Sounds like a lovely day to me! (3825 Lake Austin Blvd)
  • Northwest District Park — Grebes and other ducks can be found in the park’s attractive pond, which also contributes to flood control for Shoal Creek. (7000 Ardath St)
  • UT Turtle Pond — A little hidden gem in the heart of the campus, the turtle pond is a fun place to observe the UT turtles swimming and sunning themselves. Nice place to read a book! The pond is located just north of the tower.
  • Lake Park at Mueller — Featuring ducks and geese that one reader claims are very hungry! (4550 Mueller Blvd)
  • Mills Pond — Set in the middle of Wells Branch, this is a great neighborhood pond close to Katherine Fleischer Park. They also stock it once a year with trout for fishing.
  • Lindshire Park — In Southwest Austin, get ready to feed lots of ducks. Sorry, the only good link I could find for this park was on Foursquare. But some say that the ducks are abundant! (Lindshire Ln, off Slaughter)
  • Travis County East Metropolitan Park — A small pond has three fishing piers and hopefully there will be ducks when you go! (18667 Blake-manor Rd)
  • Travis Country — Located in Southwest Austin, Travis Country has a duck pond behind the Blue Valley Pool. (4504 Travis Country Circle)
  • Riata Park — Riata has a really nice pond where you can feed ducks, large fish and turtles. There is also a really cool blue heron that lives there! The feeding spot is under the walking bridge. (12401 Riata Trace)

Round Rock

  • Bright Lake at Old Settlers Park — A great place to find some ducks, Bright Lake is also stocked by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Fish Hatchery Program if you care to do some fishing. (3300 Palm Valley Blvd, Round Rock)
  • Rock West Park — A community park which is centered around a small pond, known locally as the “Duck Pond”, which is a popular spot for geese and ducks. The park was created from an old rock quarry that was abandoned.  (500 Round Rock West Dr, Round Rock)
  • Round Rock Memorial Park — This linear shaped park runs along Brushy Creek and is home to geese and ducks that love to be fed from the park benches. (600 Lee St, Round Rock)
  • Settlement Park — Has a pond that one reader says is great for duck feeding. (1401 David Curry Loop, Round Rock)
  • Lake Forest Neighborhood — Behind Blackland Prairie Elementary is a little pond that readers say is great for feeding ducks. (2005 Via Sonoma Trail, Round Rock)
  • Forest Creek Drive — Looking at a map, there are 2 ponds off Forest Creek Dr, and readers say there are ducks to be fed there. One pond is at Forest Creek Dr and St. Andrews Dr, and the other is at Forest Creek Dr and Harvey Pennick Dr (across the street).
  • Shirley McDonald Park — In the Cat Hollow area, this park has a duck pond for feeding. At the corner of Great Oaks Dr and Hairy Man Rd.
  • Old Settlers Park — There are often ducks swimming near the fishing pier (map), which is also conveniently located near two playgrounds! (3300 Palm Valley Blvd)


  • Lake Pflugerville — A great area for running, swimming, or other outdoor activities, Lake Pflugerville Park also has plenty of ducks to feed. They often congregate near the PflugFun boat rental pavilion. (18216 Weiss Lane)

Cedar Park

  • Twin Lakes YMCA — Head over to Twin Lakes Park to enjoy a snack with the ducks. (204 E Little Elm Trail, Cedar Park)
  • Cedar Park Town Center — Off of 1431 and 183, this new community features a large pond flanking its entrance on Discovery Blvd, off 1431.


  • San Gabriel Park — Meandering right through the heart of Georgetown are the North Fork and the South Fork of the San Gabriel River. Along the banks of the San Gabriel River where the two forks meet, you’ll find one of the most beautiful parks in the state of Texas.


  • Bull Branch Park — Features a pond with a fishing pier. Located at Lynn and Davis St.
  • Murphy Park — This park features a larger body of water, with fishing available from the bank, and hopefully some ducks! (1600 Veterans Dr, Taylor)


  • Fisherman’s Park — The boat docks at Fisherman’s Park have plenty of ducks looking for a snack.

San Marcos

  • The San Marcos River boasts plenty of ducks along its banks, some near the River Pub & Grill (701 Cheatham St, San Marcos)

What’s your favorite place to feed the ducks?

Image credit: Matthew Rutledge via Flickr