- September 15, 2015

What Will Austin Look Like In 2020? Let’s Use Statistics To Find Out!


Austin is a rapidly changing place. Nowhere is that more apparent than downtown during traffic, when the roads get so jam-packed full of cars that you can hardly believe a logical, thinking person would build such confined spaces for so many machines.

It’s getting so tight living in Austin that many are wondering what this city will look like in a few years. After all, the Austin of 2015 is practically unrecognizable from the Austin of 2010. So, what about 2020?

Using the power of statistics, our friends at Lawnstarter lay Austin’s future bare in the infographic that follows. So, where exactly is the Live Music Capital of the World headed? Scroll down to find out…


This infographic is brought to you by Lawnstarter Austin.

Featured photo: Flickr user Jerry Centanni, creative commons licensed.