- October 5, 2021

Austin Road Trip Guide: Here’s Everything You Need to See and Do In Wimberley Texas

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Only 45 minutes outside of Austin, the whimsical small town of Wimberley will have you itching to explore. The town’s motto is “A nice place to visit… a great place to live.” It’s not hard to imagine the allure of living in a town like Wimberley as it’s very picturesque. In fact, Wimberley is so charming, a few movies have actually been filmed there.

One of the most recent movies filmed in Wimberley is The Lost Husband starring Josh Duhamel, Leslie Bibb, and Nora Dunn. You can currently catch it on Netflix. Many scenes were filmed in Wimberley and surrounding cities. But that’s just one of many movies filmed there! Find the full list of movies here. And let’s not forget about our favorite locally shot TV show, “Fear the Walking Dead!” Among other spots, the hit AMC series heavily featured Pioneer Town, known as Humbug’s Gulch in the aptly named season 5 episode.

Wimberley really is a hidden gem. It’s a quirky town full of southern charm surrounded by the beauty of Texas Hill Country. We loved our visit there and we know you will too!

Here’s your guide to the best of Wimberley!

Eat & Drink

But first, coffee. There’s a few coffee shops around town but our top pick has to be Cypress Creek Coffee House. Not only is the location prime (next to the shopping quarter of town, more on that later) but they have delicious coffee and baked goods to start your day off right! Add in the beautifully decorated and cozy atmosphere and you’ve got yourself the perfect spot. If you’re into a sweet treat with your morning cup of Joe then try Blanco Brew. The offer up a classic espresso menu but their baked goods really make them shine!

Photo courtesy of Blanco Brew’s Instagram account.

Comfort food is called comfort food for a reason. Sometimes self care is ordering yourself something that will make your soul feel that comfort. Or sometimes ordering yourself something from Wimberley Cafe just tastes good and that’s the only excuse you need. If you’re looking for something different another great option is Longleaf Craft Kitchen+Bar. All their ingredients are locally sourced from local farmers markets. In addition they have a beautiful spacious sculpture garden for guests to enjoy.

Even More Eats

If you didn’t know Texas has a wine country, you’re missing out. Texas has really made a name for itself over the years by producing lots of great wine from local wineries. If you don’t have time to go visit them all places like Los Olivos Market and Hill Country Wine Shoppe & Wine Tasting Room are a great alternatives. Los Olivos Markets offers a variety of Texas wines as well as tastings. They also have delicious food because what goes better than good wine than good food?

Ice cream is always a good idea. Wimberley has two great spots to get yourself a frozen treat, Wooden Spoon and Monster Treats. Wooden Spoon is a frozen yogurt shop located in the heart of Wimberley. They have so many flavors it will make your head spin – we suggest Georgia Peach! Monster Treats is a great place to grab some ice cream and play games. They have Jenga and Connect Four among other games outside! Now, we might be biased but their Zilker mint chip flavor might be our favorite. Another fun fact about Monster Treats is that they serve local Austin favorite, Amy’s Ice Cream!

Also, check out this brand new creek side dining option!


Shop till you drop! Wimberley has a lot of great shopping. This small town has packed in some really amazing retail. Wimberley calls their shopping area of town “The Quarter” which is a collection of interesting and unique boutiques. They even have a sitting area outside for the husbands and partners who hate getting dragged from store to store! Some of our favorite spots in The Quarter are Gold Dust Boutique, The Cedar Chest, and Wildflower! There you will definitely find interesting and unique- and cute things!

Broken Arrow Rock Shop in Wimberley that deserved our undivided attention for the pride they put into Pride!

Calling all plant lovers! Ceremony Botanical Studio in Wimberley is here to make your green thumb dreams come true. We can guarantee you won’t leave this store empty handed, we know we didn’t.


Part of Wimberley’s allure is that you can get to nature right there in the middle of the town square. The Cypress Creek Nature Trail and Preserve’s trail entrance is located right off the square. Another great outdoor activity is Prayer Mountain. You might have to take 220 steps up Prayer Mountain but the beautiful Texas Hill Country view from the top is work every step. Look out for the motivational sayings written on rocks on your way up the “mountain”.

Wimberley has three major watering holes that are a major attraction in the summer months. Cypress Falls, Blue Hole Regional Park, and Jacobs Well are all great spots to beat the heat and take in mother nature. Jacobs Well is very popular and in order to get on the water you will need to book a spot in advance. Find out more here.

Bootiful Boots! All around Wimberley you will find 50 giant cowboy boots. All 50 boots are hand painted by different local artists. The Bootiful Boots project started in 2014 as a way to support local artists and grew into a Wimberley staple. Find the map to the boot trail here.

We love murals if you haven’t noticed! There’s just something about art being out in public and not confined behind the walls of a museum that is so appealing. Here are some great murals you can find during you visit to Wimberley!

Looking to spend an overnight in the area? Check out this post to learn about one of our favorite glamping spots that’s close to all of the above.

Stay tuned for next week’s Texas town!

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