- August 3, 2015

What Is ‘Keep Austin Weird’ REALLY About? The Owner Of Spider House Explains It Beautifully


There’s not a whole lot Texans would say is going right in Washington, D.C. these days. Even Austin’s lefties are disgruntled, and bickering about politics both federal and local abounds.

But somebody in D.C. clearly had a few brain cells rubbing together in harmony, because The Washington Post just dropped a short video about Austin that not only nails our local politics — it gets right to the center of our city’s brand and how Austin’s weirdness is being challenged by unrelenting growth.

They pulled off that striking feat of journalism by tapping right into one of the main sources of Weird in this town: Entrepreneur Conrad Bejarano, owner of Spider House Ballroom, I Luv Video, and a few other companies.

In the footage below, he beautifully describes what “Keep Austin Weird” is really all about and why it’s starting to become a political rallying cry as the city grows. Of course, he also elaborates some on what makes Spider House Ballroom such a beloved local hangout.

Bejarano explains that he’s used the business to foster a “village” that enables other entrepreneurs just getting started to operate in the cafe’s yard and start generating revenues. “The best part of business is being in the business of culture,” he says. And that’s what being “Weird” really means here: Fostering a community that supports local businesses and enhances the local culture.

We can dig that. Check out the full video below.

To find out more about this awesome Austinite, check out this video by CultureMap Austin: