- May 17, 2016

Welcome To The New Austin.com!

Hello Austin!

Today is a special day for us. Can you tell what’s different? If you are a frequent visitor, you probably noticed right away…

We have a new website!

Isn’t it pretty? If you notice any weirdness, please pardon our dust as we make refinements, and feel free to give us suggestions in the comments below. We really do listen.

The new site is much more than just a visual overhaul. What you see here now is the start of a new evolution for Austin.com, and the culmination of all our efforts since Proud Highway Media Group relaunched the site on July 2, 2014. Since then, a dedicated, driven, and incredibly talented team of creators have been hard at work ensuring you know where to find the best of Austin, Texas.

We’ve achieved remarkable growth thanks to them, to the point where we have shared our love for this city with Millions of people from this relatively new website. Even better, we’ve made over 20,000 friends on Facebook, connected with over 15,000 via @Austin on Twitter, and another 16,000 befriended our tourism-focused Facebook page — lovingly titled That’s #SoAustin — which has reached over 6.5 million people in a single week.

I cannot feel anything but pride at the accomplishments of this team. While I do not speak for all of us, I can safely say that everyone here feels honored that so many of you count on us for up-to-date info on the city we all love.

Thank you for your continued support. None of us would be here without you. To borrow a phrase: We love you so much. Don’t ever stop being Weird.

–Stephen C. Webster, Executive Editor