- October 12, 2016

Giveaway: Woman’s Haircut at Waterstone Salon


Craig Washburn Photography

Confession: I had not gotten my hair professionally cut for a solid two years when I walked through the doors of Waterstone Salon.

Let’s back up.

Hey, guys! My name is Katie and I had a problem. I thought I could cut my own hair as well as a professional. So, that’s what I did for two years. That’s not only a problem, it’s a boldfaced lie. I found the truth a couple weeks back when Thibault de Monterno changed the game for the rest of eternity (and yes, he absolutely lives up to that incredible name of his).

Train of Thought Prior to Infamous Haircut

7:51 a.m. Man! Today is the day I get my hair cut. I’m nervous. Why am I nervous? Do I think he might cut off pieces at random and call it a style?

9:42 a.m. He might definitely cut all my hair off. Is that alright with me? Maybe I need to come to terms with that.

10:38 a.m. HERE WE GO. Ok. Keys. Where are my keys? Shouldn’t I just keep them in the same place every time?

10:49 a.m. Selfies are annoying. But hey, I’m writing about this. People need a before and after.

10:51 a.m. This place is really nice and, “Hi! I’m Katie.”

From that point on, I was put at ease. I can remember a few thoughts during my actual haircut at Waterstone, but they mostly consisted of gratefulness and confusion as to why I waited so long for this to happen in the first place. When I walked in and introduced myself, I knew immediately that I would be taken care of. I met Thibault and a few other employees and it was clear that they simply want customers to have the best experience; to enjoy their time and be ecstatic about the way they look when they leave. It was a relaxing revelation.


Thibault is officially my new favorite person in Austin. He’s originally from France, but spent the past twenty years in New York City. Just face it, he’s already cooler than you and I will ever be. However, knowing this, I was almost surprised by how unintimidated I was by him. He’s the kindest and most welcoming person. And! He didn’t give me any grief about my two-year-old hair.


One thing that I wasn’t expecting (as you can see from my train of thought above) was that the artistry of Thibault could be so wholeheartedly trusted. I walked in, he complemented the texture of my hair, and said he loved the length and style. He just wanted to accentuate what was already there. I felt like a million bucks. And for the hour or so that I was there, I simply got to watch an artist at work. That was probably my favorite part of the whole experience.


^ Texture and two years of growth. Thibault dominating what he was given. ^

Now, think of the most pampered and at ease you’ve ever felt. Was it during a haircut? I sure hope so, because this one day at Waterstone is now my answer for that question. You need to go and check it out yourself. The incredible news is that you can enter to win a FREE trip to get your haircut by my new favorite person!

Enter to win


The famous Thibault.

Waterstone Salon would like to spoil one lucky Free Fun in Austin reader with a free woman’s haircut by Thibault (a $110 value)! Simply fill out the form below for your chance to win. One winner will be selected at random and contacted via email on Thursday, October 20, 2016. One entry per person. No purchase necessary. Please note that email addresses of entrants will be shared with Waterstone Salon.