- November 9, 2014

Watch Willie Nelson Sing ‘On The Road Again’ With President Obama

So, this happened.

Apparently, President Obama decided to jump on stage with Willie Nelson at a concert for the troops that PBS was kind enough to broadcast on Friday, crooning a little bit of the Red Headed Stranger’s everlasting resonance alongside The Man Himself. You can watch the video above. Common and Mary J. Blige were also there. Sounds like fun — not Fun Fun — but we all get it.

The clip might just be about the only thing that could cheer up Austin’s liberals in the wake of Wendy Davis’s crushing defeat last Tuesday. Well, that and Saturday’s big UT home game victory. Besides: A good tailgate party can work wonders for the soul.

But here’s perhaps one more item that could chipper Ausitn’s downtrodden Dems: Willie Nelson told CNN a day after the concert’s airing that he thinks Obama “may be happy” with marijuana legalization, which was approved by voters in Alaska, Oregon, and Washington D.C. on Tuesday.

If there’s one person this town knows to trust, it’s Willie Nelson. So let’s just take his word for it. After all, Willie’s getting his own TV show soon. Silver linings, Austin. Silver linings.