Watch This Local Artist Bring a Woman to Life at Crux Climbing Center

Austin is nothing if not full of wonderful artists, and we love when they get big opportunities to shine. Jiminai, aka Austin Cashell, has spent most of his career working on a smaller scale, creating drawings, paintings, and digital art on various mediums. Recently he had the opportunity to work on this mural at Crux Climbing Center, a step in a new direction for him. This is the first full mural that he’s created, and he’s already addicted to the fun of creating something on this scale.

His style is “a Japanese-founded, Tumblr-influenced comic art,” according to the artist.

I’m known for drawing female portraits. On this piece specifically, it was important for me to find a confident face to match the attitude I was going for. Climbing can be a tough sport, and the women who climb are definitely boss babes. I wanted to resonate this look in her eye of ‘yeah, I’ll conquer this mountain.’

As he said in this Facebook post, “The piece was inspired by the strong nature a climber must have and the boss attitude of confident women.” He also gave a shout out to fellow Austin artist/muralist, RoshiK, whose strong, beautiful women you’ve likely seen on walls all over town.

Watch the full timelapse video of the mural below, and if you like his work, be sure to support local and hire him! And if you’re looking for a new rock climbing gym, Jiminai highly recommends Crux Climbing Center: “This gym is definitely where I’ll be climbing from now on. The facility is awesome, and their commitment to involving the local community is a huge selling point for me. Plus their problems are tough climbs, and I like that challenge.”