- October 6, 2016

Watch This 92-Year-Old Musician React To Willie Nelson Playing Her Song


While many believe that there is a time limit to finding success in music, 92-year old harmonica player Lyndel Rhodes is proving that misconception wrong as she has written a song that was picked up by Willie Nelson titled “Little House on The Hill.” While Rhodes, who is a native of Lexington, Tennessee, released a record titled Gospel Harmonica in 2015, we are sure that she never imagined that a song of hers would be recorded by a country music veteran.

A video of Rhodes listening to Nelson’s recording of her song was uploaded to YouTube and has since gone viral. In the video her son, Nashville record producer and songwriter Buddy Cannon films her listening to the track and asks her to sing along, however she is so excited that she can’t bring herself to do it. After a few seconds of nudging, she finally sings along, and the moment is adorable.

On her website, Rhodes tells visitors that she was born into a musical family and that Cannon tries to come home and perform with his mother every chance he gets. As to whether or not Nelson will be using the recording on a future record, Rhodes is in luck as he will be putting the track on an upcoming LP.

If you would like to purchase Gospel Harmonica, you can pick it up on iTunes here.

Featured photo: Lyndel Rhodes and her son Buddy Cannon

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