- February 8, 2018

Want to Head Into Summer with Clear Skin? Dr. Richardson at Tekton Research can Help (and You Can Make Some Money)


The University of Texas is famous for its slogan “What starts here changes the world.” Groundbreaking research happens there, but it isn’t the only place in Austin making significant contributions to research. Right here in Austin, Tekton Research performs the necessary testing to make pharmaceuticals ready for public consumption.

Under the direction of Dr. Blakely Richardson, Tekton Research conducts clinical research studies essential to the process of finding safer and more effective treatments for skin conditions. Tekton Research is constantly starting new studies for acne, alopecia (hair loss), atopic dermatitis (eczema), cosmetic dermatology, glabellar lines, contagiosum, psoriasis, rosacea, skin care and skin products, toenail fungus, vitiligo, warts, and wrinkles. If you have a skin condition, chances are Tekton Research is investigating treatments to address your need. That means that if you participate in their studies, not only will you get the newest treatments available at no cost, but you’ll also get paid for participating!

Get to Know Dr. Richardson

Tekton Research prides itself on its staff and its customer service, all of whom work hard to make sure that participants are well taken care of. Dr. Richardson is one of those great examples of staff who really care about the outcomes of participants. Richardson is a Texas native, board certified dermatologist, and principal investigator over dermatology clinical trials at Tekton Research. Her team has enrolled thousands of Austinites into paid clinical trials since 2007 with a strong focus on studies for diseases affecting the skin.

She is also the physician owner of Westgate Skin & Cancer, but dermatological research isn’t just a job for Richardson. She has enjoyed a lifelong passion for dermatology since her days as an undergraduate at UT-Austin. She enjoys helping people, biology, and research, so dermatology was a natural fit for her career.

Dr. Blakely Richardson

Richardson remains active in the Austin medical community by engaging other physicians. She  participates regularly with the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD). This body certifies all dermatologist and maintains the standards for the entire profession. AAD events include annual city-wide skin cancer screenings and the 2015 Skin Cancer Take-a-Hike event that raised more than $20,000.

When she is not seeing patients for their dermatology needs or engaging with the Austin community, Richardson spends time with her family and enjoys everything the unique Austin culture has to offer. She volunteers at All Saints Day School and with her neighborhood association.

Children Can Participate, Too

Many studies at Tekton Research are open to children and adolescents who have skin problems. Many skin conditions affect children, adolescents, and adults differently. Ask a member of the Tekton Research team about family participation.

“Children tend to be exposed to different things than the average adult,” Richardson said. “Just like some conditions are gender specific, some conditions are specific to children. A great example is molluscum, a specific type of warts found most commonly in children. As a person’s immune system develops with age, it learns to fight off the virus that causes molluscum.”

Ready to Enroll?

Qualified participants in Tekton Research studies are compensated for completed study visits. All study medication, study-related testing, and doctor’s visits are provided at no cost. No insurance is required.

Beyond dermatology, Tekton Research performs all sorts of clinical trials. Check out their list of currently enrolling studies to see if you might be eligible to participate. Fill out their online form, and one of their recruitment specialists will call you and answer any questions you have. Completing this form will add your information to their database, and you will be notified of studies relevant to you. You can also call them now at (512) 388-5717 to speak to a recruitment specialist.