- April 15, 2016

Your Vote Can Help JetBlue Make Austin More Green!

JetBlue wants to help cities go green this April to celebrate Earth Month, giving Austin the chance to win $50,000 for a new green space. The Green City Vote is part of the airline’s One Thing That’s Green initiative, an annual campaign that highlights their commitment to environmentalism and giving back to the community. The program is in its ninth year, and now Austin has the opportunity to benefit from it.

The green space, such as a garden or park, will address the need of the winner’s community. Previous winners include Hartford, CT, who used their funds to build a skate park and Long Beach who will see their new space built this summer.

Austin is currently in first place with nearly 64,000 votes, with Fort Lauderdale as our closest competitor at 34,000 votes. Other competing cities include Long Beach, Boston, and New York, among others (nine competing cities in total). Voting ends on April 30 at midnight EDT, and the winner will be announced on May 1.

That margin looks pretty good, however if you recall last month’s Zilker Park vote, we started out strong and then ended up in third place. Since this vote has a $50,000 benefit to our city attached to it, let’s make sure we bookmark and vote every day!


Featured photo courtesy of Jet Blue