- June 21, 2011

Veterans Memorial Park in Cedar Park


Veterans Memorial “Honor for All”

After visiting Veterans Memorial Pool in Cedar Park yesterday, I wanted to take the kids straight home for dinner.  I tried to head straight home.  But, after spotting this super cool playscape in the parking lot adjacent to the pool, I couldn’t make myself drive by.  I had to let my little monkeys out to climb all over it.

I assumed the metal on structure would be too hot to touch, sitting out in the Texas sun with no shade, but it wasn’t. I wonder what clever material was used to perform that trick?

A few steps up from the first playground and there was even more climbing, bouncing and twisting fun. I tried the gadget that allows you to spin yourself in circles and my stomach was not quick to forgive me, but the kids had a blast.

Poles attached to the ground with chains swing from side to side as kids try to make their way across.

These funky stumps bounce down when jumped on.

There are three sections of sand, so be sure to bring some buckets and shovels if you go.

Next to the playground is a nice amphitheater, which reportedly seats up to 300.  I’ll be on the lookout for free events to be scheduled here in the future!

After climbing through a tunnel, children can explore this area with stone benches arranged in a circle.

And, on the other side of the parking lot, you will find a great off-leash dog park, with separate entrances for small and large dogs.  Your four-legged friend will have access to doggy showers, water fountains and shady paths to stroll.  Large dogs can visit a small pond.

Other park amenities include a basketball court, tennis court, picnic tables aplenty, a picnic pavilion and public restrooms.

Veterans Memorial Park
2525 W. New Hope Drive
Cedar Park, Texas