- August 22, 2016

Austinite Sydnie Meyers Will Charm The World On Food Network!

The trend among reality competition shows to create content for younger audiences (and those who are fans of younger people) is hitting its peak. Shows like “MasterChef Junior” and “So You Think You Can Dance” have been adjusting their regular formatting to host kids’ versions of the competitions, so it only makes sense for more competitions to embrace the change. Now Food Network is adding a kids’ version of one of their most popular shows, “Food Network Star” — and guess which foodie town is home to one of its first contestants.

Contestant Sydnie Meyers, as seen on Food Network Star Kids, Season 1.

Contestant Sydnie Meyers, as seen on Food Network Star Kids, Season 1.

9-year-old Sydnie Meyers, one of the youngest contestants on “Food Network Star Kids”, hails from Austin (that’s born and raised, not imported). The self-proclaimed cooking show addict typically watches the adult version of cooking shows, Cupcake Wars is one of her very favorites, but she’s very excited to have the chance to participate in the competition before she even makes it to middle school.

On tonight’s premiere episode (7pm CT) the kids are thrown right into the mix as they answer the question “What’s Your Story” and must “nail a 30-second live audition to prove to mentors Tia Mowry and Donal Skehan why they should become the first-ever Food Network Star Kids winner. Next, the junior finalists must cook up a memorable dish that expresses their food personality, accompanied by a Snapchat cooking tip. In the end, the mentors taste and assess the dishes, sending three competitors home.”

As the season progresses the kids will take on brunch and Sunday dinner challenges, among other things, as well as cook “The most important meal of my life” for the grand finale. So what do they win if they make it all the way to the end of the competition? Not only will they be walking away with the title of first ever “Food Network Star Kids” winner, but they’ll also be getting their own show on FoodNetwork.com and a feature in Food Network Magazine.

If you’re not already sold on watching the show tonight, watch this casting video from Meyers, already making Austin proud:

Meyers told Austin.com that she made lifelong friends on set: “Everybody was so nice, and it was the best experience being around kids who love cooking as much as I do. All of my friends here think that cooking is one of those things that are just for parents to do, but it’s not. Cooking is for anyone!”

And that Mowry was her favorite mentor, “Tia was very nice and kind. She was very fun to work with even when we weren’t filming.”

Hopefully Mowry gave her some good tips regarding her camera work, as Meyers told us that the camera challenges were the toughest part for her. “Camera challenges were definitely the thing that I had to work on most. I struggled some because I’m not used to talking to a camera while I’m cooking,” Meyers giggled.

If her sweet disposition and excellent cooking chops aren’t enough to keep you tuned in, maybe something that brings us all closer together is: the girl loves barbecue, and Black’s is her favorite. So here’s hoping Meyers knocks out all nine of the other hopefuls and brings that new title back with her to Austin so she can celebrate over a plate of ribs!

Featured photo courtesy Food Network