- December 6, 2016

Trying Science Sets Themselves Apart With New Single ‘Blowing Raspberries’


When listening to Trying Science’s new track, “Blowing Raspberries,” we are reminded right away of Washington, D.C. progressive metal band Animals as Leaders. Guitarists Clifford Ledbetter and Mike Garza play intricate guitar chords and melodies that shape the group’s sound, making their songs a rarity among the Austin music scene.

The band makes sure that everything is concise and flowy, giving listeners the chance to get themselves lost in the music and come away wanting to hear more. The song is entirely instrumental — having vocals would distract the audience from taking in nearly every aspect of the track and would diminish its beauty. While the band’s album, titled Vacations for Snakes, sounds different the above track, Trying Science has successfully set themselves apart from other groups in the scene.

Listen to “Blowing Raspberries” below.


Featured photo: Trying Science


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