- October 16, 2014

Toybrary Campaign to Offer Free Teacher Memberships


Before she launched Toybrary Austin, owner Liza Wilson was a preschool teacher and director for many years. During that time, she discovered Austin’s former toy lending library, and as an educator, she thought it was the most brilliant idea ever. She decided to open Toybrary Austin in order to help children learn and grow through playing with new educational materials on a regular basis.

Liza’s current mission is the same as ever — to help preschool children learn and develop in the best way possible — but now she’s going about it in a brand-new way: She has started a GoFundMe campaign to raise $8,000 for preschool teacher memberships to Toybrary Austin.

The $8,000 raised through this campaign will fund teacher scholarships to Toybrary Austin for 32 teachers for six months each. This will offer teachers and their students access to over 1,000 educational toys and materials for free!

Liza Wilson, Toybrary Owner
If you donate, there’s something in it for you, too! Anyone who donates $20 will be entered to win one of five different prize packages. You get an entry for every $20 you donate — so if you donate $40, you get two entries to win; a $60 donation gets you three entries to win; and so on.
Check out what’s in each of the five incredible prize packages, below:

Package I — Just For Parents
  1. Kid’s shirt from Striped Shirt ($17.50 value)
  2. Two tickets to the The City Theatre Company ($40 value)
  3. Dr. Laura Hancock — Foundations of Sexual Health class ($45 value)
  4. In-home Baby and Toddler Food Lessons from Taste & See Healthy Baby Food ($67.95 value)
  5. Cheer Up Buttercups private Car Seat Safety and Installation Check ($75 value)
  6. AltEd Austin Private Consultation on Choosing a School ($90 value)
  7. Lori Strong — 45-Minute Child Sleep Phone Consultation ($100 value)
  8. Nanny Poppinz — four hours of nanny care ($100 value)



Package II — Family Outings
  1. Exploring Austin with Kids guidebook ($14.95 value)
  2. Kid’s shirt from Striped Shirt ($17.50 value)
  3. Austin Aquarium — two passes ($25 value)
  4. Two gift cards to Phil’s Ice House ($50 value)
  5. Four tickets to Austin Zoo, plus animal feed ($34 value)
  6. Scottish Rite Theater — four tickets to Amber and Nick Radio Hour ($40 value)
  7. Two children’s golf clinics at Golf in Schools ($50 value)
  8. Zach Scott Theatre — four tickets to A Year with Frog & Toad ($70 value)
  9. Tour of the Zoomagination Ranch ($245 value)



Package III — Just For Moms
  1. DoTerra Essential Oils Introductory Kit ($26 value)
  2. Embellish Nails mani/pedi ($55 value)
  3. One month of free Stroller Strides classes with FIT4MOM ($60 value)
  4. Pinot’s Palette BYOB painting class for two ($90 value)
  5. Bump Club VIP membership ($100 value)
  6. Freestyle Language — four Saturday “Café” language classes ($115 value)
  7. Package of Arbonne skincare products ($125 value)
  8. Two passes to the Oct. 25 Daring Mindfully workshop ($150 value)



Package IV — Just For Kids I: Fun, Learning and Birthdays!

  1. Cupcake Aly — one dozen cupcakes ($28.50 value)
  2. One-hour Cinderella visit from Glitter Princess Entertainment ($140 value)
  3. Boogaloo Crew — 30-minute stilt walking show ($100 value)
  4. Gift certificate to Dance Discovery ($50 value)
  5. Kids’ cooking gift set from Cook Learn Grow — a cooking school for kids! ($75 value)
  6. Cake Smash/Family Photography Session with images from Courtney Rutherford Photography ($500 value)


Package V — Just For Kids II: Fun, Learning and Birthdays!
  1. Austin A-Z, A Fun Book of Facts from Bucket List Adventure Books ($20 value)
  2. Gift certificate for one art class at The Austin Artery ($25 value)
  3. Learning with Lil Ones Literacy class from Mommy’s Little Learners Blog ($25 value)
  4. The Que Pastas CD and signed poster ($25 value)
  5. White Loft burlap growth chart ($30 value)
  6. Foot/handprints gift card from Sonshine Prints by Amy ($30 value)
  7. One free Spanish Immersion Class at Froggin Learning Center ($40 value)
  8. Heartsong Music gift certificate and basket of instruments ($75 value‬‬‬)
  9. Zoofari 30-minute presentation ($200 value)
  10. Little Wing birthday party certificate ($200 value)
  11. FemmePower Fitnessparent–child cooking class ($200 value)


Head over to GoFundMe to donate and be entered to win!

To learn more about Toybrary Austin, check out the website or visit the store:

Toybrary Austin
Ph. 512-765-4174
Hours: Tues. – Sat., 10 AM – 6 PM (closed Sunday & Monday)

Catherine A. Morris is a romance novelist and freelance writer as well as a once-and-future teacher, musician, jogger and triathlete living in southwest Austin, Texas. Yes, many of her former passions and pastimes have given way, at least for now, to her current, main passion and pastime: caring for her two toddlers, Pearl and Zephyr. Pearl and Zeph make Catherine and her husband laugh (and cry) on a daily basis, and give Catherine plenty of good reasons to seek out free, fun activities to keep everyone alive, engaged and happy from one moment to the next. Visit Catherine on the Web at www.CatherineAvrilMorris.com.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Toybrary Austin.