- June 13, 2012

Top 10 Tips for Visiting Aquatica San Antonio


Do your summer plans include a visit to SeaWorld San Antonio’s brand new waterpark, Aquatica?  We went once last month and can’t wait to go back!  Here is what we learned during our visit, as well as some helpful tips from friends who have been in the past few weeks:

  1. Arrive early. If you are waiting in line half an hour before the gates open, there is a good chance you will be able to ride the most popular attractions, Walhalla Wave and Stingray Falls, a few times before the park fills up. The entrance to Aquatica is inside SeaWorld, so you must enter SeaWorld first and then wait in line for Aquatica. 
  2. Return late.  If you don’t have to drive back to Austin, consider taking a break from the heat midday and heading back to Aquatica at dusk, when lines are shorter once again.  Have a look at the waterpark hours.  Many days Aquatica is open until 9 or 10 p.m. Text “Aquatica” to 90210 to make sure the park is not at capacity when you’d like to go.
  3. Check height requirements before you go. To ride three of the water slides you must be at least 42” and for another three riders must be 48”. Riders must be 36” to enjoy Stingray Falls. No hand held infants are allowed on the lazy river. 
  4. Everyone under 42” must wear a life vest. Complimentary vests are available. 
  5. Pack a picnic. The food restrictions are the same for Aquatica as they are for SeaWorld (no straws and food must be in single snack-size servings).  
  6. Head to the back of the park, near Walhalla Wave, to find shaded lounge chairs on the beach. This area tends to be less crowded than the central beach area. 
  7. Bring pails and shovels, so kids can play in the 42,000 square feet of real sand beaches. 
  8. Make sure everyone is wearing proper swim apparel, made from swim material. You may be turned away from rides if, for example, you are wearing a cotton t-shirt. Rash guard shirts are okay. 
  9. Bring $17 if you want to rent a locker (you will get $10 of that back when you return the key). Bring $15 for parking. 
  10. Aquatica is not included in SeaWorld admission. It costs an additional $20 on top of your SeaWorld ticket (or $30 if you want to upgrade your Fun Card to include Aquatica). You can find the best prices online

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