- August 2, 2017

Toma’s New Song ‘Going Nowhere’ Brings The 80’s Back To ATX


Snappy keyboard licks and warm bass lines help to define the sound of local band Toma, who sounds like they’re bringing the ’80s back to the local scene with the track “Going Nowhere” on their new record Aroma. After releasing their first self-titled EP in 2015, the band has become extremely tight musically in the last few years. With breezy vocals to accompany the group’s radio friendly sound, there isn’t anything not to like on Toma’s latest offering.

With so many different genres and styles heard throughout Austin on a nightly basis, it’s sometimes hard to sift through it all and find something you like, but after hearing Toma you’ll be cranking their songs up repeatedly.

Listen to “Going Nowhere” below.

Featured photo: Toma

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