- May 27, 2016

Those Poor Serfs Release New EP That Stirs Our Emotions



Austin band Those Poor Serfs has been busy introducing the Live Music Capital to their refreshing and blues influenced tunes since they were founded in October of 2012. With their new EP, City View, the band has released a strong piece of work that will remind Austinites of fellow local blues band Town Hall Devils. Both acts perform songs that tug at the soul, while also bringing on a riot of sound that allows listeners to zero in on their songs and focus on each note.

City View opens with the soulful track “All Night” where the group comes across as strong and self-assured, playing songs that will certainly take them places — whether that means amassing bigger crowds at their local shows or going outside of Austin to play as many cities as possible. Derek Kinsaul and Coby Michalek both take on guitar and vocal duties for the band, creating beautiful harmonies that become the highlight of City View. Their sound is rounded out by Ben Stark on bass, Temp Keller on drums, and BJ Lazarus playing the mandolin.

The EP includes a track titled “Steel Bell,” a country inspired number that introduces listeners to their softer side. It’s one that will surely be a hit among the honky tonk crowds of Austin and the rest of the state. The track stirs our emotions while also showing the diversity of the band’s music within Austin’s music scene. Wanting to create something truly genuine makes Those Poor Serfs a solid act that knows not only how to move their audience, but how to engage them from the first song to the last. They’ve mastered the art of making their fans feel like they are visiting an old friend.

“Wakes You” is a catchy tune that takes the group’s audience back to the old days of country music when many of country’s biggest stars talked of struggle and hardships. By placing a memorable guitar riff throughout the tune, “Wakes You” turns into a song that is a perfect ending to a great EP, one that Austinites will wholeheartedly enjoy.

Those Poor Serfs is a band that writes great songs that nourish our spirits and they’ve released an album that will easily become close to our hearts. They will become a gem both for those just stumbling upon them, and for those who knew about them during their inception. Fans will not be able to contain their excitement when it comes to introducing new listeners to the band, as City View creates a sense of urgency when sharing Those Poor Serfs and their music with the world.

Listen to the record’s opening song “All Night” below.

If you would like to purchase City View, head to Waterloo Records.


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8iGZzg-dX4w]

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