- June 3, 2016

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School is out and if you’re still looking for fun and engaging activities for your kids, Thinkery Camps are the perfect solution!

Thinkery Austin Summer Camp

Thinkery Camps are weeklong, STEAM-focused programs designed especially for your camper. Whether you have a kindergartner or a fifth-grader, each camp’s theme, activities and content are tailored specifically to different age groups. In HydroExplorers, your child will explore one of Austin’s greatest treasures—its rivers and lakes—with an in-depth dive into the powerful world of water. Discover the intricate inner workings of the human body in the fascinating Fantastic Human Machine summer camp.

Learn about all available camp themes below and register today! 

Thinkery Austin Summer Camp

2016 Thinkery Camp Themes

TINKERING WITH LIGHT & COLOR See the sparks fly as you make and tinker with circuits, lights and color. Explore how light is used in science, art, medicine, engineering and more. Ignite your curiosity by creating a world of light and color.

ONCE UPON A DESIGN Embark on a journey solving problems that occurred “once upon a time” for your favorite storybook characters. Design engineering solutions to help them escape towers or build structures to withstand huffing and puffing wolves. Take a step back into the world of castles, dragons and mythical creatures to help these tall tale heroes find their happily ever after.

Thinkery Austin Summer CampHYDROEXPLORERS Learn how engineers harness the phenomenal power of the Colorado River by building dams. Convert a rushing river into enough energy to power an entire city. Dive deep into the Edwards Aquifer and get to know the cave-dwelling critters and unique climate of Barton Springs, and equip yourself with the knowledge to influence Texas’ water conservation efforts.

FANTASTIC HUMAN MACHINE Discover the intricate inner workings of the human body. How does the body work? Can you build a heart? How does your nose keep dust out? From cells to senses, explore the ins and outs of the machine that is your body, and reinvent your own functioning body parts.

DESIGNING TOMORROW What do you want the future to look like? Join Thinkery to explore how new technologies like littleBits, 3D modeling and Scratch programming can help us develop new products, applications and solutions for the problems facing the world. Pitch in to build a Thinkery World’s Fair, an exposition of culture, art and technology to display the projects you have created for your future city.

ANIMAL ADAPTATIONS Budding biologists will study amazing animal adaptations from all around the world. Why do frogs start out as tadpoles? How do bats forage for food in total darkness? Learn about an animal that can see many more colors than humans can. Using motors and touch, color and infrared sensors, campers will design and build robotic animals that adapt to environmental challenges!

Thinkery Austin Summer CampROBO-LYMPICS Go for the gold as you build robotic athletes and develop digital literacy. Team up and use Mindstorms EV3 robots to participate in different Olympic challenges. Test your robot’s structural integrity and maneuverability with robot Olympic events such as soccer, mazes and ultimate obstacle courses.

ROBOT SEARCH AND RESCUE Create a first responder robot to handle extreme situations. Hone your technology learning skills by programming a Mindstorms EV3 robot to handle dangerous situations and inclement weather. Rescue an animal from the bottom of a well, maneuver over difficult terrain and build the robots that can save the day.

Visit the Thinkery camp page for more information and a listing of all themes and dates.


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