- January 12, 2017

The Dumpies Offers Sloppy, Appealing Garage Rock On Their New Song ‘Witch Love’


Splitting their time between the cities of Austin and Portland, The Dumpies is a garage band that sounds like they have something to sing about.

The band released the song “Witch Love” several days ago, giving a good introduction to the new year and what’s coming up in the creative scene in Austin. With fuzzed out guitars that nudge the audience to sing along and interesting sounds that resemble shouting in the background towards the end of the track, we remember that Austin acts always try to inject as much flavor as possible into their songs, no matter how bizarre or different they may seem.

While the band is a great fit in both Austin and Portland, we’re sure they would do well as a permanent fixture on the local scene. Listen to “Witch Love” below.

The Dumpies by The Dumpies


Featured photo: The Dumpies


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