The Coolest Playground in Austin


Mueller Lake Park has, as one reviewer put it, “a crazy cool playground.”  It is unlike any other I’ve ever visited.  The fenced in play area was designed by KOMPAN, a British company that was founded by an artist who specialized in bright, large sculptures.  The play structures do look a bit like giant, moving works of art that it’s okay to climb all over.  Some components of the play equipment made me scratch my head, wondering what they were for.  But my 1 and 3 year olds just hopped right on and figured them out.
My 3 year old spent most of his time on this spinning wheel.  He is the one pushing it in this photo.  You can’t tell from the picture, but this funky merry-go-round goes up and down as it spins around.
There are plenty of different options for climbing, swinging and spinning.  The best thing is, little kids can push each other on almost every ride.
My 1-year-old could spin this little chair around and around (and around and around) all by himself.  He couldn’t walk straight when he got out of it!The two 11-year-olds who went with us had a great time too.  This crazy metal swing spins in circles by shifting your weight.
One thing I learned today is that it would be a good idea to bring buckets and shovels for the sandbox, as well as a change of clothes for when the kids have too much fun!  There is a water spigot in the sandbox, that kids can operate by pushing a button.  This is a great feature for wetting sand to make castles, but also results in soaking wet, sandy kids. (Update: The spigot has been removed.)
There are also picnic tables, lots of benches and, most importantly, restrooms.  We could have stayed there all day if it weren’t for nap-time.  I’d like to go another day to explore the rest of Mueller Park.  It boasts a lake, five miles of hike and bike paths, and 140 acres of parks, trails and open space!

Mueller Lake Park
Simond Ave
Austin, TX 78723