The 25 Weirdest Things We Saw During SXSW 2015

South by Southwest is finally over and the hangovers have worn off. As we’ve collectively found ourselves wandering Austin in a boozy haze, we’ve been trying to piece together what exactly happened over the last two weeks.

While we reassemble our shattered memories and heal our pickled livers, we figured it might be nice to show off some of the strange sights we’re still trying to make sense of. With no further ado, here’s the 25 weirdest things we saw in Austin during SXSW 2015, in no particular order.

Stoner Teddy Bear

This is what happens when the kids get all potted up, apparently.

Fed-Up Bartenders


Random Breakdancing

Sounds about right.

Three Words: Trash Bag Hat

Why not?

Hipster Gadgets

You might get slapped for using this in public.

Bearded Bug Eaters

Shaddyup. Crawfish are yummy.

Public Nuptials

Interesting choice.

Ethnic Ambiguity

You just don’t know how good this stuff is…

Heavily Armed “Protesters”


Ronald McDonalds Taking Selfies

Possibly fun, possibly terrifying. Kind-of a tossup.

“Rattlesnake For President”

Nothin says Texas like a rattlesnake running for president #keepaustinweird

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Sounds more appealing than Ted Cruz, anyway.

A Gladiator Car?

And you thought #spinners were ridiculous. #keepaustinweird #Sxsw2015

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The Flying Car

Okay, that’s awesome.


There were like 50 of these dudes.

This Frickin’ Guy

He was everywhere.

Actual Gorilla Marketing

Courtesy of #BeSomebody.


NYC’s Naked Cowboy has nothing on this dude.

Jimmy Kimmel’s Faux Machete

Danny, is that you?

That One Really Tall Lady

Freaking out the drunks so hard…

Head Branches, For Some Reason

Lady Gaga? Nah.

Wonder Woman Pedicab

Sadly, no magic lasso.

Music Pirates


Bookish Squirrels

Spotted on the streets of Austin. #SXSWi #SXSW #SXSW2015 #KeepAustinWeird

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Hey, that’s one of the ‘Ben Kincaid’ novels!

Football Pig

We really have NO idea…

St. Bernards That Deliver Phone Batteries

Photo: Flickr user Nan Palmero, creative commons licensed.

Photo: Flickr user Nan Palmero, creative commons licensed.

And they did, too.

Editor’s note:’s Vicky H. Sepulveda and Arcie Cola also contributed to this article.