So you want to move to Austin. We’ve heard it a million times before. It seems like everybody and their mom wants to get in on the glory that is our taco-eating, live music-loving, thrift store-shopping, Longhorn-cheering, tech-innovating city. And who could blame them? Certainly not us — but some of the locals will, no matter what. Don’t mind them. You’ll become a grouchy local soon enough, so you might as well enjoy Austin before complaining about how much it has changed becomes your favorite hobby.

To help avoid any unpleasantness that one might encounter coming to Austin from far-flung places like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, or even (gasp) Wisconsin, there are a few *things* that you should know. Since it is unofficially our job to make sure people are having fun, finding their way around town, and generally getting the most they can out of the awesomeness that is Austin, we took it upon ourselves to get you ready for life in America’s greatest city.

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Yes, we said it and we meant it. But before you can be considered ready for the experience that is Austin, make sure you’re set on these 10 lil’ things…

10.) Austin is really a college town

We have grown into a small city, so you get a few high rises for about 10 miles radius of the city center but that is it. If you want a really big city you’ll be disappointed. But don’t be too hurt there is still plenty to explore its just not over as large an area as other cities of its, for lack of better expression, fame level.