- December 1, 2014

Tarot-Scope: Austin’s OraCola Says Keep An Eye On ‘The Man’


Welcome to the first edition of “Arcie’s Tarot-Scope,” a new weekly feature here at Austin.com. I’m Arcie Cola, AKA The OraCola, and I’ve been reading tarot for years, ever since hosting a live fortune-telling show on Channel Austin. I have zero business tellin y’all what anything could mean, but I’m gonna be doing it anyway. Are y’all ready?


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Before we get going, I might as well clue y’all in to the particulars of my “tarot.” I’m a freebird. I make up my own spreads according to my whim. I use a truncated deck comprised of the 22 major arcana cards, along with four extra cards to represent the four suits. My deck consists of 26 cards, and I made each card myself. This is potent magic, trust me.

“Hey, Arcie, what in the heck is the Tarot?” Google it.

“Oh, OK, Arcie, I get it. You’re one of those kooky, woo-woo, new-age, psychic weirdos.” Well, I don’t see myself that way, but feel free to think what you like. I see the Tarot as a meditation tool that uses common archetypical symbols to draw out subconscious thoughts. Tarot means what it means to you and only you. The reader is just a guide and interpreter. Think of it like a visit to the therapist, but with more woo.

Anyway, let’s see what the Universe wants y’all to think about this week…

The Spread:


This week’s Austin tarot, courtesy of The OraCola.

I like to call this the Tree Spread. I think it’s a nice overview with good symbolic anchors.

The Root is the source of energy, the Trunk is the main conduit, the Branches are energetic pathways, and the Canopy is the manifestation. The reading


Trunk–High Priest

Right Branch–Swords

Left Branch–Wands


Now, let's just think on that a moment and remember to breathe...

Now, let’s just think on that a moment and remember to breathe…


This week, consider that your judgments may be influenced by your spirit. If you use that information to stimulate your creativity and intellect, you might just claim another piece of your identity.

My first impression is, “Holy cow, that’s a lot of masculine energy!” But we shouldn’t necessarily assume that’s a bad thing, despite the mainstream news to the contrary. The Man, a masculine figure, loves spewing his propaganda to the detriment of competing masculine figures. Oh yeah, it just got all meta up in here!

Anyway, aside from that glaring fact, I’m drawn to the images (and phallic representations) of the Swords and Wands as branches on the tree. Swords are logical and decisive, wands are creative and thoughtful. I consider this to be a balanced opposition. It’s a call for us to discover and integrate some undeveloped talents; a Vulcan mind meld between Kirk and Spock, a pas de deux between spirit and intellect.

However, it’s undeniable that the sacred masculine has his fingers all over this week’s pie; as evidenced by the trunk of our tree holding down the High Priest, and the Emperor holding up the canopy. Think of these two as sacred masculine poles, holding court at opposite ends of the table, making nice over the ham.

The High Priest is like the Pope, and the Emperor is like the President. One of them is in charge of the spiritual stuff, the other takes care of the practical crap. They make lasting impressions when they work together, for better or worse. This is why y’all should consider their proclamations with a pinch of judgement–ding ding ding!

Ah Judgment! The root of it all. That’s right, pay special attention to all of your judgement calls this week. It could be something as big as a family brouhaha, or as simple as a parking space spat. The moments where your blood pressure unexpectedly rises might be times the Universe is trying to teach you a lesson.

If you want to look at these cards in the most positive light, imagine a scenario where the best father figures you’ve ever encountered are hanging out with you. Y’all are doing something fun and enjoying each other’s company. Think of all the little lessons to be learned from that time together, lessons that can’t be described in words but that are felt in the heart. Yeah.

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Featured photo: Flickr user Derek Gavey, creative commons licensed.