Summer Splash Pad Series: Eastwoods Park


In case the sweat dripping from your brow isn’t a constant reminder, I’m here to tell you that summer is officially here. As much as we Austinites enjoy the outdoors, however, it can be frankly pretty miserable come August unless you have regular outings which involve some kind of body of water. If you are juggling multiple children, errands, naptimes and all the other daily minutae that come with the mom territory (Did I remember to leave the crockpot on? Are those library books due today or tomorrow?), a trip to a splash pad might be in order. You don’t have to deal with the driving time of a trip to Hamilton Pool, the cost of a municipal pool (which can really add up over the course of a summer!), the hassle of loading up all the necessities for a pool trip, the restricted hours of a neighborhood pool and the inherent stress that comes with supervising children in water that’s deeper than the bathtub. So for these reasons and more, we are bringing you the Summer Splash Pad Series — a weekly review of some of the splash pads in Austin, the hottest (and coolest) places to burn some time out of your house and burn some energy. Just don’t forget your sunscreen!

Eastwoods Park is a nice, shady spot hidden near campus. The original location of the famous (or, perhaps, infamous?) Eeyore’s Birthday Party celebration, the park now contains a tribute in sculpture to the lovable character from the Winnie the Pooh books.

The splash pad itself is located where a wading pool used to be, so it’s not shaded, but there are plenty of spots nearby to escape from the relentless Texas sun. If the splash pad is not on when you get there, all you have to do is to push the circular silver disk on the ground in the middle of the splash pad (it has an etching that looks like Mickey Mouse ears) and the water will come on.

Unlike some of the more popular splash pads in Austin, Eastwoods always seems to be quiet (knock on wood). One change that has occurred there recently is that parking is now metered, so although the splash pad itself is free, you will need to pay for parking.

If your little ones are done with the water, there is plenty of other things to do at the park. There are a few playscapes, swings, a sports court, and a walking path that leads to a creek. There is also plenty of shaded space to look for bugs or have other open-ended adventures.

In case the splash pad is experiencing any technical difficulties, you can check out Plan B below.

Eastwoods Park Splash Pad
3001 Harris Park Blvd.
Open seasonally from 9:00am-8:00pm

Plan B:
Although splash pads are great free fun, malfunctions do shut them down from time to time. If you are looking for a plan B
nearby, check out the Bailey Splash Pad, located at 1101 W. 33rd St. (with the same hours).

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