Animal Crossing – You Need To See These Stunning Pictures Of Wild Animals On City Streets During Quarantine


It’s Earth Day and animals around the world seem to be taking note, reclaiming spaces everywhere. From mountain lions to monkeys, coyotes, and more, here are a slew of pictures of wild animals taking to the streets.

A Coyote Laying Down on the Job in San Fran

And Roaming The Streets in Chicago

Goats Taking Over The Streets of Wales

Sea Turtles Having a Beach Day in India

Mountain Lions Doing Some Yard Work in Boulder, Colorado

Wild Boars Outnumbering Residents on Streets in Israel

Monkeys Brawling Over Food in Thailand

Wild Turkeys Brushing Up On Their Boston Accents

And Working on Parking Their Car at Harvard Yard

A Monkey Mimicking A Hollywood Legend in New Delhi

A Dolphin Basking in the Glory of a Cruise Ship Free Port in Italy;

Lions Napping on Empty Streets at Park in Africa

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Featured photo courtesy of Kruger National Park on Twitter.