- July 28, 2016

We Can’t Stop Humming Strange Mother’s Quirky New Cut ‘So Much Little Sleep’


Strange Mother is one of the quirkiest-sounding bands to come out of Austin in years.

Influenced by such diverse artists and genres as Marvin Gaye, Selena, and a litany of jazz classics, Strange Mother’s mash-up of styles is always worth listening to. Their most recent release is the Young Buck EP, and we can’t help but highlight the cut “So Much Little Sleep.”

While the tune features raspy vocals from front man Cameron Bina, the track is nicely rounded out by trumpets. It’s a strong contrast for a song that could easily be an instrumental piece. Outside the box is what Strange Mother is all about and we can’t recommend their music enough.

You can listen to the song by clicking the picture above.

Featured photo: Meg Givumhell Seidel


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