- July 12, 2016

Shocking Study Finds Dallas And Houston Party Harder Than Austin


Isn’t it nice when statistics say what you knew was true all along? Well, prepare to pat yourself on the back again, Austin. We thought we had a drinking problem, when it turns out all we have are drinking solutions! Which is good, because we’re gonna need ’em.

That’s because Austin just ranked 12th on a list of Biggest Party Hubs in the U.S., according to travel website Wanderu. Yet somehow, Dallas and Houston managed to place above us. So, it’s looking like we’ve got a lot to make up for.

The results were based on an analysis of Yelp entries for bars, clubs, and music venues. As it turns out, the Austin metroplex boasts around 700 bars, 50 dance clubs, and 140 music venues. Though New York took the gold in all categories, Dallas and Houston landed in the top 10. They even beat Austin in the number of country dance halls, which is odd.

Whatever. We’ll just chalk that up to them being bigger cities. Everyone knows that Austin gets down twice as hard. There’s just not quite as many of us.

Suck it, NY

Austin’s 12th place ranking might feel a bit shrug-worthy after being dubbed America’s Best City by wallethub.com, and placing 2nd on Expert Market’s Best Global Cities for Working in Tech. But with an ever-expanding number of luxury hangouts, extreme outdoor activities, and endless adult beverages, Austin has definitely earned itself a place on the list of America’s biggest party hubs. Considering the rate of growth ’round these parts, we fully expect a higher placement in lists to come.

Oh, and if none of this surprises you, congrats: You are officially an Austinite!

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