- September 25, 2014

Say Goodbye To Summer With This Lovely Send-Up To Lazy Times In Austin

Today’s high in Austin was 81 degrees. Barton Springs is finally starting to feel a bit too chilly for that weekly dip. All the signs are clear: Summer is finally coming to an end.

While it may be time again to start thinking about blue jeans and hipster jackets, we can still give a fond look back at the closing of another beautiful summer here in Austin thanks to YouTube user Eugene Kim.

Kim put together this beautiful little video shot on a GoPro camera, showcasing his recent end-of-summer trip through Austin. He and some friends go get BBQ, head out to Ladybird Lake for some stand-up paddleboarding, climb the art-covered hills at the HOPE Outdoor Gallery, take in some delicious Homeslice Pizza, and close it all out with a scenic drive down Congress Avenue.

If you’ve got to pick some totally Austin activities to send off the summer, that’s about as good as you can get. Well done, Eugene!


Featured photo: Flickr user bmendez68, creative commons licensed.

(H/T: Reddit Austin)