- August 5, 2016

You May Find Yourself Humming This Catchy River Jones Tune, ‘Pure’


River Jones is one of those Austin artists that you can’t help but love.

While his music has been gaining notice over the past few years, it is his most recent track “Pure” (with an appearance from Boyhood actress Lorelei Linklater) that may give Jones the recognition he deserves. “Pure,” is a woozy indie track with soft vocals from Linklater that winds up landing as one of those songs that gets better as it keeps playing.

Flowing together nicely, each instrument that is featured on “Pure” never overpowers, letting listeners soak up the song’s steady sound and style. While “Pure” never boasts its greatness, its sound expresses very subtly that it is truly extraordinary — so much that you may find yourself humming the tune for hours or days to come.

Take a listen to “Pure” by clicking the play button above.

Featured photo: River Jones

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