Rainey Restaurant Emmer & Rye Receives More Honors — This Time from Bon Appétit

It’s been a pretty great year for Rainey Street staple Emmer & Rye. And by year, we mean 2016, because this grain-loving, local-sourcing, in-house fermenting eatery hasn’t even been open a full calendar year (that celebration comes in November), but the accolades just keep coming.

Earlier this year Kevin Fink from Emmer & Rye was named one of Food & Wine Magazines best new chefs, and Hana R. Albets of the New York Post boldly proclaimed that “This Texan Eatery Could be America’s Best New Restaurant.”


Now, prestigious Bon Appétit magazine has named it one of America’s Best New Restaurants, the only Austin restaurant to receive the honor. And with dishes that look like this, it’s really no surprise.



The Bon Appétit write up revels in Fink’s inconspicuous showmanship:

White Sonoran angel hair pasta with garlic and oregano. Emmer strozzapretti with confit pork. Blue Beard Durum spaghetti cacio e pepe. Fink isn’t making these names up—in fact, he’s milling the grains himself, then transforming those flours into noodles with not just distinct shapes but unmistakable flavors and textures.

Oh look, here’s some of that rustic, handmade goodness now.

Wild Acorn Matagliata, Sage and Bay Brown Butter, Red Hawk #simple #simplefood #pasta #wildfood

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If you haven’t been to Emmer & Rye yet, we hear their dim sum style dinner (small plates on circulating carts brought out throughout the evening) is pretty amazing, as is their Sunday brunch. Though we may have heard that from Bon Appétit. Good luck getting a seat!

Featured photo by Amerykah Trevino-Martinez, courtesy of Emmer & Rye Facebook