- October 30, 2014

Performer Stanley Williamson: Austin Offers Young People ‘An Open Dialogue’


It’s no secret that Austin attracts the best and brightest from all over the Lone Star State, and this week’s subject on “Day Drinkin’ with Arcie Cola and Austin.com” is proof positive. Though possibly better known as his alter ego “Fantasy”, Stanley Roy Williamson is one of many talented individuals who migrated to Austin to find their place.

I was fortunate to catch Williamson during his last weeks in Austin, before he migrated to New Orleans. Though no longer a resident, he still has many ties to the city. His open mic talent showcase, “Fantasy’s Show n Tell”, is still in rotation at Cheer Up Charlie’s, and he’s a part of critically acclaimed dance troupe, Little Stolen Moments.

Williamson came to Austin in 1997, moving here after university. He arrived on a whim with a few friends, because “we needed to run to a bigger town.”

When asked what Austin has to offer young people, Williamson said: “Austin offers an open dialogue, an undecided viewpoint, an open stage. High-rise apartments aside, Austin still has a huge artist community that is hungry for more. I love Austin, and always will–my first love.”

Although Williamson is currently exploring new territory, he knows exactly what he left behind.

“Living in New Orleans makes me realize how ‘new’ the culture is in Austin,” he said. “All of the buildings, stores, and even the people… All of it is new, whereas New Orleans just has this deep feeling of ‘way back when.’ That being said, there is something exciting about Austin that’s created and cultivated in the present. I take pride in the fact that I played a small part in the creation of the colorful, queer-friendly beast that it is today.”

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Some NSFW language follows…