- February 10, 2015

Performance Poet Offers Personalized Poems on the Spot

There’s a new face in town, and he is sure to put a smile on yours. Performance poet Ryan Ashley Knowles of Untouched Poetry recently moved to Austin with his vintage typewriter and a handwritten sign that says it all: “A Poem for You. Your subject. Your price.” 

Knowles started Untouched Poetry in Denver nearly five years ago, customizing poems by request and hoping the results would be cherished forever. 

Untouched Poetry is simple,” says Knowles. “I construct on demand poetry within minutes about anyone or anything using my vintage typewriter. The poem is always original, unique, and yours to keep.” 

He took the project on the road to San Francisco, before relocating to Austin two months ago. You can currently find Knowles and his typewriter at the SFC Farmers’ Market Downtown in Republic Square on Saturdays and at the HOPE Farmers Market in East Austin on Sundays. 

This past Saturday, a young customer chatted with Knowles about her interests before he wrote her a special poem.

“What began as Performance Poetry with my vintage typewriter has become something really special. My poetry is a vehicle for me to connect with people on a deeper level, a way for me to share in a lot of life’s meaningful moments and most importantly, they allow me the honor of archiving special occasions and the love we share with others, or simply provide entertainment that is both engaging, and unique.”

If you’d like a performance poet at your party, wedding, fundraiser or special event, Untouched Poetry is available for private bookings. Knowles is also hoping to set up some regular gigs at local establishments around town, so if you have any connections, please help spread the word!

“The other thing I am starting to use my project for is to volunteer my time at nursing homes. I truly know the power of writing poems, and how the esthetics of a typewriter affects all my clients, but I feel a lot of healing could come for both those at the nursing home facility and myself when I volunteer. I already have a session lined up at a nursing home here in Austin in a couple weeks.”

For more information on Ryan Ashley Knowles, visit the Untouched Poetry website and like the Facebook page If you see him out and about, be sure to buy a poem!  You can also request one online. (Remember, it is Valentine’s Day this weekend!)