- December 28, 2016

Peek Inside the New Schlotzsky’s Concept Inspired by Austin

If you’ve been paying attention to Austin.com for the past few years you know that we love to talk about all things Austin and support local businesses, even as they grow outside of the boundaries of the Austin City Limits and even the borders of the Lone Star State. Earlier this month we told you about Schlotzsky’s, which started here in Austin, testing a new concept in Atlanta. The new version of their café basically exports Austin to other locales, capitalizing on our city’s vibe and giving people a little taste of the Capital City without them having to move here (because we all know how much Austinites hate that).

The new concept, the “Austin Eatery,” opened in Duluth, Georgia (near the company’s new headquarters in Atlanta) in early December. The goal is to reach millennials with a bit of Austin cool and menu items inspired by our local food truck scene (in addition to Schlotzsky’s classics like The Original). The eatery will also serve local, craft beer and wine, as well.

“If you look at where Schlotzsky’s builds today, you see restaurant growth in suburban America,” Schlotzsky’s president Kelly Roddy said. “ Duluth looks a lot like suburban America. It’s a great community to test out a concept.”

Here’s a peek into the new Austin Eatery, thanks to Schlotzsky’s:



Schlotzsky’s “Primo Picante” salad: pork carnitas and mozzarella with jalapeño, black bean and corn mix, and avocado on romaine lettuce with lime dressing


Schlotzsky’s Austin Eatery’s “Picante Papusa”: pork carnitas with mozzarella, salsa verde, jalapeños, pineapple, and kale coleslaw


Schlotzsky’s “The Rancher” sandwich: hickory-smoked brisket and cheddar with roasted red peppers, pickled jalapeño, quest fresco, salsa verde, lettuce, and chipotle mayo


Schlotzsky’s Austin Eatery’s blue cheese chips with bacon and green onion

So, what do you think? Will Schlotzsky’s be able to successfully export the flavors of Austin? Maybe a better question is, would you eat there? Tell us in the comments below!