- June 10, 2013

Park Feature: Creative Playscape in Georgetown

Update: In 2014, this wooden playscape was replaced with a more modern one. You can see photos of the current playscape here.
Creative Playscape is one of the first playgrounds we discovered after moving to Austin, at a time when our little family only included one wee baby girl.  I took my daughter to “play” and remember thinking that I couldn’t wait for her to learn how to walk so she could toddle around the intricate wooden fort.  
There is certainly a lot to check out, for kids of all sizes. So much, in fact, that you may have a bit of trouble keeping track of your children, as they climb through tunnels, up enclosed stairwells, and along elevated walkways. Thankfully, the playground is enclosed, so you will likely find your young explorers again at some point.


Be sure to pack sunscreen when visiting this playscape, because there is very little shade in the central area. There are public restrooms nearby, but you will need to leave the enclosed area and head behind the playground to find them.

For more information, visit the Georgetown Parks & Recreation website.

Nearby free fun includes San Gabriel Park and Blue Hole, if you want to extend your outing. Affordable attractions include Mel’s Lone Star Lanes across the street (free bowling for kids who join Mel’s Kid’s Club) and the next-door Georgetown Recreation Center Splash Pool

Creative Playscape
San Gabriel Park
1003 N. Austin Avenue 
Georgetown, Texas