- July 11, 2016

Otis the Destroyer releases infectious single with ‘Cheetah’


Otis the Destroyer, one of Austin’s catchiest punk acts, recently released their EP Belushi, an infectious four-song record that will keep playing in your head after it’s over.

The band’s latest single, “Cheetah,” is a fun and rambunctious track that cuts through the snotty attitude of hardcore punk. Along with the characteristic tough attitude, the band also manages to mix in melodic elements of 2000’s pop punk, while still maintaining the explosiveness of acts such as The Ramones.

Jam packed with solid riffs, after listening to Belushi one gets the sense that there is nothing that could stand in this band’s way. With their in-your-face attitude and memorable hooks, Otis the Destroyer is an ATX band to watch.

Listen to “Cheetah” below.

[youtube https://youtu.be/SyPwSws2dLM]

Featured photo: Otis The Destroyer

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