- October 9, 2014

Full-Time Rock: Why Ocean of Stars Frontman Danny G Loves Being An Austin Musician


In honor of Austin City Limits Festival, “Day Drinkin’ with Arcie Cola and Austin.com” no. 28 features Danny G., one of those fabled working musicians in the Live Music Capital of the World.

Danny plays multiple instruments and usually dabbles in more than one band around town, but he’s also fronting his own group called Ocean of Stars.

All that music is a full-time job, but Danny explained that “playing amazing music with amazing people, FOR amazing people,” is what keeps him going from week to week. He thrives on “the whole energy given-and-take between the band and the crowd.”

Asked what makes him “jam,” Danny first mentioned staring at the skies and watching the rising and setting of the sun, but quickly brought his mind right back to music. “Being on stage with people, even if its people I’ve never played with before,” is what makes Danny tick, it seems.

“I might realize after a couple of songs that I don’t remember their names, but it doesn’t matter because we’re still able to have this musical conversation that not only we understand, but the people there listening understand and get into it,” Danny explained. “That’s always a good feeling.”

You can catch Danny G playing bass for Adrian and the Sickness on Thursday night at Hole in the Wall.

–The editor

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