- February 18, 2017

Nurture My Child – Taking Back Your Family Time


Two of the scariest words a spouse can hear from his or her partner are “transfer” and “relocation.” Having lived on the east coast my entire life, a move to Austin with my three kids seemed daunting and overwhelming. We were settled in Philadelphia – we loved our schools, enrichment classes, and childcare options. I didn’t know where to begin.

I have three very different kids that subsequently have three very different sets of interests, preferences, and needs. One child thrives in a traditional classroom setting, while the other has trouble focusing and does better with a more hands-on curriculum. I have one child who is a die-hard cheerleader and gymnast, while the other adores science and swim. Since we were moving during the summer months, I also wanted to make sure my kids were enrolled in camp so they wouldn’t be hanging out in front of the TV all day. Taking the time to sift through Google searches, Facebook groups, and struggle to connect with parents from over 1,000 miles away just wasn’t a realistic option for me.

When my realtor recommended Nurture My Child to find the programs, schools, and camps that fit our needs as a family, I was intrigued. If you’ve never heard of them, you are missing out on some saved time and peace of mind. Nurture My Child offers a free personalized search for Austin area families to locate camps, classes, childcare, and nannies in one user-friendly location. They are also adding private schools to their site in the near future.

Parents simply log onto the site to search programs by keyword or category, zip code, schedule, price point, and more. It is quite literally a search that caters to your family’s needs to find the best programs and care for your children. In addition to the search feature, Nurture My Child has a great blog. I found several informative articles about various parenting topics that contained expert advice about childcare, camps, and other parenting topics. 

I love the word “FREE,” especially when it pertains to fun family activities. Nurture My Child is hosting their *FREE* annual Summer Camp Fair on Sunday, February 26th, where families can learn more about Austin camp programs, pricing, and more. The Camp Fair programs are targeted to kids ages 4-18, but siblings of all ages are welcome to partake in the fun.

The Nurture My Child Summer Camp Fair will offer tons of activities for your kids (like a pony and LEGO area, to name a few!), making it a truly fun and family friendly experience. The best part? THE GIVEAWAYS! There are thousands of dollars worth of free camps and prizes to win just by walking through the door. Camps like Thinkery, Ballet Austin, Snapology, and many more will be in attendance and are giving away free weeks of camp. Your wallet and children will thank you.

Nurture My Child certainly has some neat and very useful features, but the time I save from having one central spot to locate quality programs for my kids is what makes this company a winner for me. As moms, we tend to overload our plates and forget about the time we need to take for ourselves.   It’s hard to be fully present with your children when your mind is spinning about the load of laundry that needs to be done or that email you still need to send to an important client.  Parents, take back your time! Though Nurture My Child cannot add a 25th hour to your day, the time saved from their user-friendly search feature will give you many hours back for the important stuff. You certainly cannot put a price on family time.

Post contributed by Jessica Rockowitz.