Moving Company Leaves Entire House To Block South Austin Street During ACL

So, while half the city poured into Zilker Park to hear their favorite bands play during Austin City Limits Music Festival‘s first of two weekends, Austin Home Movers undertook a project to move an entire friggin’ duplex from one lot to another along East Live Oak Street.

According to KEYE, the house proved too large to fit between road signs, telephone poles, trees, and power lines. As movers progressed to the 200 block, the structure damaged neighbors’ yard plants, mangled cables, and littered the roadway with debris before eventually becoming totally stuck.

The moving company apparently worked hard for several hours to try to clear a path by sawing off tree branches, but at around 10:00 a.m., they were forced to abandon the house in the middle of the road.

The City of Austin Mobility Department told KEYE that the moving company did not hold a legitimate permit to move the home, so the company was issued a citation.

AMD has told residents that today was the earliest that the house could be removed from the street, and as of right now, it appears to still be blocking the South Austin road.

“It was pretty clear to everybody that there was just really no way they were going to get that thing all the way up the hill to South Congress,” resident Mike Hollins told KVUE.

Here’s more from KVUE:


The beached house on East Live Oak Street was finally moved on Thursday, October 6, bound for Lockhart. The road block may have caused South Austin residents some avoidable headaches including property damages and traffic issues, but that hasn’t stopped folks from making the most out of the situation.

On Wednesday, KVUE showed up to the scene to discover that locals had decorated the duplex with Halloween trappings and were running a legitimate haunted house, charging folks $5 to tour the home.

And then someone started a Twitter account for the house with the handle @StuckHouseATX. Among other things, Stuck House ATX claimed to be keeping Austin safe by watching out for creepy clowns and ran a poll asking people to guess how long it would take for it to actually be moved off of Live Oak Street. (In case you’re wondering, most voters selected option D — “Never. Endangered Pigeon.”)

KVUE has been publishing continued coverage of @StuckHouseATX’s progress toward its final destination in Lockhart. Apparently, the house successfully made it out of Austin, but got stuck in Kyle at one point.

We’ll miss you, @StuckHouseATX. You grew on us, you Weird Load, you.


Featured photo: Screenshot from KEYE coverage.